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Hier findet ihr meine selbstverfassten Lyrics, geordnet nach Verfassungsdatum. Ich freue mich über Kritik und Anregungen.

My sweet nightmare [18. Juni 2007]

I had a dream that night
I was the king of all mankind
I condemned those who wanted me
To suffer and surrender
I condemned all

I vanquished all, left ashes of the wake behind
Blackened their sun, poisened their sky
Got them silent, got them blind
My satisfaction lies in their perdition

I wake up and I notice
My sweet nightmare is alive
Each single breath I take
I have to choke
It's filled with lies

Let the father be forgiving
I paint a bloody writing on the wall
Violence will be the engine
Vendetta is my holy goal

This time no sign of mercy for the weak
I hoist my flag of hate, retaliate each single tear
Run down their pitchblack paradise
My sweet nightmare is so near

Sixtysix souls [13. August 2007]

Golden chamber, robed with skulls
Your mendacious smile all over
Another dead one on the blackboard

You emperor of hearts, I doubledare you
Get of your throne, bare your divinty as fake
Let me be your never ending winter

Collector of spirits, your years of glory
they're ending here tonight
On your long road home there won't be any light

Take a view at blood covered hands
and tell me what it feels like
Look into these dead man's eyes
and tell me if you've found
what you have been ever searching for

Another dead one on the blackboard
I find myself as cautionary number
Sixtysix souls buried deep
in this blackeyed angel face

Last man drowning [4. September 2007]

Blood is raining from a darkened sky
Ashes fill my loungs
Each step an anguish
My black eyed angel is nearby

On this cursed alley I am not alone
All the world is with me
Each one will go to hell

This age,this time
This night, this crime
This pain, these scars
No sin is ever barred

Where is our redeemer?
Won't he end it all?
This never ending alley
Don't you hear our call?

This pain it blinds me but I can't close my eyes
Follow my lead, take hold of my hand
I find it hard to tell you but each one of us is damned

Take my last breath with a certainness
Going down in pride
Until morning comes and brings me the salvation
I will never hold back, never give up

The revolutionist [2.Oktober 2007]

A polluted world,
full of rednecks playing blind and deaf.
A self-appointed saviour like you,
that must be the odd man out.

Build this utopian dream
with visions and promises,
that I'd call criminal intents.

This revolutionary thought,
we heared a thousand times,
was already dead before you could pronounce it.
Accept the fact that it won't ever be alive.

Don't wanna have your assistence.
Won't ever hear your advice.
Fuck your contaminated injection,
I'd rather die than believe a single one of your lies.

Your holy perception,
tell it all your dead friends
laying in the grave of minds

You glory revolutionist
Listen carefully and get me right
We won't ever give a flying fuck about your blinded selfish sight!


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